🍀A fun, easy to learn, and yet challenging chameleon egg color matching game.🦎

A chameleon is using a mysterious orb to incubate its eggs.  The orb glows and releases a special colorful energy when it incubates the eggs, but the eggs will need to have the matching color in order to absorb the energy.  When the baby chameleons are ready to hatch, the orb stops glowing and displays the color of the hatch-able eggs. Please beware that incubating eggs are fragile and will break if attempt to change color.  The goal is to incubate and hatch eggs without breaking any (score as high as possible).  Also, see the chameleon evolve into a dragon as the score increases!

The Chameleon Orb is a simple, Zen-like, and brain training color matching game. The game is great for passing time and usually only takes a few minutes to play, but may require the player to be focused to be able to obtain a high score. Beat your own scores and get on the local top 10 scoreboard or become the best and climb to the top of the global leaderboard.

Tap, Switch, and Match: Simply tap an egg to switch the color of the egg. Beware, do not tap any egg that is already matching the color of the orb unless it is ready to hatch. You only get a limited amount of time to complete each color puzzle (the time amount depends on the type of the puzzle and the score). A point is earned when all eggs match the color of the orb while incubating or when all hatch-able eggs are hatched (or when none can be hatched). The puzzle is then considered completed and a new puzzle will be generated (a new orb color and a new set of eggs). The key is to stay focused, pay attention to the color changing orb, and figure out the color patterns (a color sequence of red, green, blue, purple, and yellow that changes in each puzzle). This is a challenging color tapping and matching game and will take some practice to master.  Stay focused is the key.  Get ready to challenge yourself!


🦎 A simple yet challenging color matching game
🦎 Interactive tutorials to help learn the game
🦎 Local and global leaderboards

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