Last Modified: January 12, 2017


This Privacy Policy describes the policies and procedures of Quest Monkey Games ("Company", "We", or "Us") on the information collected through the Company's website,, and/or use of software products such as FoodyVille ("Services" or "Our Services").  Data is collected via internet connection.  Data charges may apply based on your service plan.  Please contact your service provider for more details.  By using Our Services or submitting your information to the Company, you consent to this Privacy Policy.

I. What information is collected?

Our Services may directly collect usage data through third party tools.  We do not collect personal information directly within Our Services (information that can be used to identify who you are such as your name, email address, and account information) except when you contact us directly (see Customer Service section below).  However, the third party tools we use may collect data which may include your personal information (see section III. Third Party Services below).  Also, similiar to many websites and online services, "cookies" and other files may be used to store and collect information to improve the quality of our online Services such as visiting

Company's Website: Our website is hosted by Squarespace. Cookies and analytics tracking for the Company's website,, are not modified by Quest Monkey Games.  We are using the default web tracking mechanism provided by the web host and their privacy policy link can be found in section III. Third Party Services.

Games: To improve the quality of our games, we may use third party tools to collect usage data. For example, when a specific level is completed.  Our games also contain in-app-purchases and advertisements and subject to additional data collection by these services.

Customer Service: When you contact us, your contact information such as your name, email address and telephone number may be collected to allow us to communicate back to you.

II. How do we use the collected info?

The usage data We collect are used to improve the quality of our services.  For example, in FoodyVille, if a level is too difficult to complete based on the number of retries shown in the analytics system, we may provide a hint on how to complete the level through our social media page.

III. Third Party Services

Additional information may be collected by the third party services that are are linked, embedded, or integrated into Our Services.  Here is the list of third party services we are using.  Please review their privacy policies for more details.

Google Play:

App Store:

Unity Ads/Unity Analytics/In-App-Purchase:


Amazon Ads/GameCircle:

Opera Software:



IV. Deleting collected information

The Company may not have the mechanism to remove the information that is collected since We are fully relying on third party tools to do so.  If you would like specific data to be removed, please contact us and we may consider making a good faith effort to fulfill your request.  We may also decline your request if it is something beyond our control.

V. Children Policy

You must be at least 13 years old to use our Services.  For individuals that are under the age of 18, legal guardians will need to review and accept Our terms and privacy policy before start using Our Services.

VI. Limitation of Liability

You acknowledge that the Company cannot fully eliminate security risks associated with the information that is collected through Our Services.  By using Our Services, you have agreed that the information you are providing is at your sole risk and responsibility.  You also acknowledge that Quest Monkey Games is not liable for any loss, disclosure, or use of the information you provided.

VII. Contact

Quest Monkey Games, LLC